This is Poland!/To Polska właśnie!

this_is_poland_logo_OKFor this project we have conducted a review of Polish modern dance performances and workshops aiming to present a work in progress. The aim of this project was to promote the achievements of Polish choreographers and performers by stepping outside of stereotypes and mental clichés.

The starting points for selection of programs and workshop ideas was twofold: the history and surrounding social realities, as well as stereotypes about Polish culture and tradition. The opinions of Poland abroad are often based on stereotypes and information taken from foreign media, which in turn are based more on their projections than on an actual knowledge of our culture. We wish not only to discuss the topic of Polishness and Poland as seen from the inside, but also to present the opinion of Polish expats and foreigners. Plays by Polish artists and workshops with both Polish and Czech participation would let us look at Polish history and present from different perspectives.

The will included promoting young yet already accomplished artists, which will offer a chance for discussion of the condition of modern dance and performance in Poland. It was also accompanied by meetings and discussions regarding the changing image of Poland abroad.

The project was conducted this October in Prague, Czech Republic in Studio Hrdinů, the co-organizer of the festival. The media partner is the Polish Institute in Prague.

Co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of Republic of Poland.


Festival trailer

Video report from the workshops