The Present Capsule (2015)


The aim of this research-artistic project was to preserve the cultural reality of rediscovered places in the form of an art installation, and to create an audiovisual archive of various places’ memory.

The research phase consisted of scouting the former Walbrzych voivodeship area for places that have served an important role for their owners, and which have had that role changed. The artistic phase of the project was a combination of art and documentary – the gathered audiovisual materials have been reworked into a subjective map of forgotten Lower Silesian areas.

The running themes were historical transformation of the former Walbrzych voivodeship as well as the awareness and sense of local identity with the region for the local community, as well as the idea of “memory of places”. It was composed of a travelling exhibition, interviews and workshops with local inhabitants, and a website, which formed a digital archive. „The Present Capsule” was able to preserve the here-and-now while at the same time opening up new ways for inhabitants to expand and continue the rediscovered history.


Funded by a grant of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage