Swidnica Rhapsody. Maria Kunic (2016)


The project entails an audio play and a photo exhibition dealing with the life and work of a 17th century Silesian astronomer, Maria Kunic. Called the “Silesian Pallas” or “The Second Hypatia”, she gained Europe-wide recognition for her work “Urania propitia”, a refinement Kepler’s “Rudolphine Tables”, which she self-published in Olesnica. Despite that fact, she is not known to the inhabitants of Lower Silesia and there is a lack of educational materials about her.

The project – “Swidnica Rhapsody” – is named after a book by Władysław Jan Grabski, which takes place in the second half of the 14th century. The historical background is the biography of the Silesian astronomer – Maria Kunic. Her work is believed to have strongly affected the progress of 18th century astronomy, while her achievements and skills are a testament of women’s emancipation of the time.

The project will combine historical, educational and artistic aims. The results of this artistic research will be presented as an audio play and a photo exhibition.

The audio play will be published online as well as on DVD, making it usable as publicity material for the region. This artistic initiative will definitely influence the promotion of the history of the region, and enrich its cultural offer.

Vernissage of the exhibition and premiere of the audio play will take place in Swidnica in September.



Video report from the premiere

Online audio play



Bartosz Kliszczyk (photography)

Karolina Wycisk (idea)

Slime (music)

Mateusz Witkowski (text/dramaturgy)

Maria Zięba (coordinator)

Co-financed by the City of Swidnica


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