MOVE_LAB! (2017)

We want to create a space for experimentation!

We’re interested in the relationship between movement, dance, and media. Working together, we’ll try out innovative and experimental methods (just like in a lab!) of working with movement – using the body, but also using word, text, photography, and film. The project will consist of three blocks: DANCE, CRITICAL and MEDIA LABS. The final show our of work will take place in November this year.

DANCE LAB will consist of practical workshops regarding dance and artistic movement:

  • modern dance (Magdalena Górnicka-Jottard),
  • hip-hop and other street dance styles (Irena Lipińska),
  • improvisation and voice of the body (Karolina Micuła, Iga Załęczna),
  • scenic movement, acting, pantomime (Sara Celler-Jezierska, Piotr Soroka),
  • performance (Irena Lipińska).

CRITICAL LAB will consist of multimedia lectures on dance history in Poland and in the world, and of dance theory elements (Anna Duda, Alicja Müller). Any created critical articles will be published on the website.

MEDIA LAB will consist of practical workshop on photographing dance and movement (Wiktor Bąkiewicz, Marcin Trzpiot), as well as film (Artur Pilarczyk) and animation in motion (Marcin Rosiński) workshops. We want the participants to look, under the supervision of specialists, for ways of capturing shots, still images, or the dynamism of movement.

All three subject blocks will be conducted concurrently and comment on each other. By allowing many perspectives on dance analysis we want not only to make it into a research field for our participants, but first and foremost – make it into a new object of fascination, independent of own movement skills, current habits, or perceptions about dance.

Idea, coordination: Karolina Wycisk

Swidnica, March-November 2017


Movie workshops

Animation in motion workshops

Video report from the project


The project implemented in a cooperation with the Institute of Music and Dance as part of the Thought in Motion 2017 project