IDIOM 2017 — residency of Małgorzata Haduch

We have just finished this year edition of IDIOM project in Prague!

By arranging art residency programs, we wanted to create a chance for an meeting of Czech and Polish artists, and to open our activities to an element of surprise and process instead of a finished product. The first choreographer invited for a residency was Małgorzata Haduch from Poland.

Investigating the possibilities of choreographic notation, Małgorzata had created a book, which embraces concrete directions of the dance as well as abstract indications, free to individual interpretation. Based on that script, Natalia Drozd (dancer, performer) and Aida Mujacic (musician) were approaching the choreographical pattern.

The final presentation took place in Divadlo na půdě – Cross Club on 15th of October.

Photo by Mirek Budhha


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