The goal of our work is to realize artistic activities. The challenge we took up is to put ideas into practice. We believe that our work has qualities of a performance – it’s the cooperation of others that gives it meaning. What we mean by “performance” is: an action that changes the surrounding reality. We engage in projects having that as their goal.


Our activities span:

  • Dance: our main area of interest. We organize Idiom Festival (a Polish dance review in Prague), dance education projects (2017: MOVE_LAB!, 2015: Movement Zone) as well as theater education ones (2017: Teatr DJ Teatr(re)mix).
  • Theater: we’re the publisher of “Teatralia” Internet magazine, we offer media sponsorship, and we’re present at the most important Polish premieres and festivals.
  • Lower Silesia: its history fascinates us, we re-read it in art-educational projects (2016: Swidnica Rhapsody. Maria Kunic, 2015: Present Time Capsule).
  • International cooperation: the area we find new inspiration and develop Polish-Czech art exchange (2017: Granica/Hranice, Idiom Festival).
  • Education: we conduct workshops, lectures, and meetings. We prize artistic and cultural education of children and adults.

Our team is composed of:

President of the Foundation. Jagiellonian PhD student, curator and manager. Works in contemporary dance, education and performance art.
Karolina Wycisk

Heads of the Theater Reading Room in Grotowski Institute, specializes in kinesthetic-dance education. Practices yoga in her spare time.
Aneta Kurek

As a photographer he specializes in portraits. A promoter of Lower Silesia and enological tourism. His job is communication of places and objects.
Bartek Kliszczyk

PhD student at the Faculty of Polish Studies of the Jagiellonian University. She focuses on the issue of non-normative body in art. She is a theatre critic.
Alicja Müller

Cameraman and editor. He's interested in picture in its wider sense – making him both a photographer and a moviemaker. Also a graphic designer by trade.
Marcin Cudo

We all live in Lower Silesia. We invest our time in this place, because we believe in its potential.  We wish to partake in creating its identity by organizing events.