MOVE_LAB! – final
Październik 23, 2017

The final presentation of the project was led by Magdalena Górnicka-Jottard who gave us lots of inspirations. Thanks to her engagement and very talented, full of energy young participants, it was really inspiring time! Świdnica, 13.10.2017 Photo by Marcin Trzpiot

As a part of MEDIA_LAB, we conducted workshops with Artur Pilarczyk: a director, screenwriter, and producer. Using his multiple skills, Artur told us about all stages of making a movie, from writing the script to editing. We continue to be focused on movement and on the question of how to show it on film. As […]

The last session in April was concerned about the dance writing. As a part of the CRITICAL LABORATORY the workshops was led by the critics and doctoral students Anna Duda and Alicja Muller, who together with the participants looked for different ways of describing movement and dance. It was incredibly creative! On additional, we would like to thank […]