Performat in Prague, soon!
Luty 3, 2017

GRANICA/HRANICE (PL/CZ: Perforomat / Performalita) 19.02, 18:00 — ŚWIDNICA / Forum Teatrów Niezależnych Transformacje 25.03, 19.00 — PRAHA / Žižkovská Noc 2017 – divadlo a literatura — be there!

Polish&czech (Performalita) artists (actors, performers, dancers, poets) will work together in Świdnica on the topic of borders and stereotypes. The final presentation of their work will be presented during Žižkovská Noc 2017 – divadlo a literatura in Prague on 25th of March. The performance will be an extra event during Forum Teatrów Niezależnych Transformacje in Świdnica on 19th of February. […]