IDIOM 2017 – residency of Irena Lipińska
Październik 25, 2017

While visiting Prague, the choreographer Irena Lipińska was researching the relation of _imagination/interpretation in reference to the body, to space between people, and to choreography. Live set – Jana Koroleva The study visit of Irena Lipinska in Prague is organised within the framework of Partner Programme of Residencies and Study Visits Culture of Mobility, which […]

IDIOM 2017 — residency of Małgorzata Haduch
Październik 24, 2017

We have just finished this year edition of IDIOM project in Prague! By arranging art residency programs, we wanted to create a chance for an meeting of Czech and Polish artists, and to open our activities to an element of surprise and process instead of a finished product. The first choreographer invited for a residency […]

MOVE_LAB! – final
Październik 23, 2017

The final presentation of the project was led by Magdalena Górnicka-Jottard who gave us lots of inspirations. Thanks to her engagement and very talented, full of energy young participants, it was really inspiring time! Świdnica, 13.10.2017 Photo by Marcin Trzpiot

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Our team is composed of:

President of the Foundation. Jagiellonian PhD student, curator and manager. Works in contemporary dance, education and performance art.
Karolina Wycisk
Heads of the Theater Reading Room in Grotowski Institute, specializes in kinesthetic-dance education. Practices yoga in her spare time.
Aneta Kurek
As a photographer he specializes in portraits. A promoter of Lower Silesia and enological tourism. His job is communication of places and objects.
Bartek Kliszczyk
PhD student at the Faculty of Polish Studies of the Jagiellonian University. She focuses on the issue of non-normative body in art. She is a theatre critic.
Alicja Müller


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